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    Reviews — ahmyo

    Ahmyo Mer-Ka-Ba Review

    This review was written by Mickey Alexander, a Taiwan native now representing in Florida. 

    Here he is ripping it up in Asia:

    Merkaba 81a 73mm 58mm CP

    What do I have to say? I really am enjoying these out here in Asia. More specifically Taiwan. Where the roads are scribbly, winding, technical and the most inconsistent pavement ever. But aside from that, such a great place to really get to push a wheel to its limits.

    The first wheels on our list are the Merkaba by Ahmyo Wheels.

    The Drift

    The 81a Merkabas were a joy to break in and skate with. They maintained their grip and kept their skin much longer than I had anticipated. The center of the wheels tend to hold the skin for at least a few sessions of hard drifting/sliding over large-grain asphalt and smooth pavement. Even slides rather controllably even more sewer caps and cracked pavements. The outer and inner lips tend to round out rather quickly. The release point is very harsh while the skin is intact and can be rather noisy but once they wear away it has a very sugary slide with a smooth release and hook up. Great for low angle slides.

    The Grip

    They were very consistent over a variety of pavements from thin-grained to blacktop type pavement. They allowed for really tight lines even at speeds above 60-80kmh. They provided me with great confidence on gripping even rough pavements on corners closer to 90 degrees.

    The Conclusion

    Great and very consistent slides with skin and without. Very good for variety of pavement changes and if you like to go fast with freeriding or just pure downhill. Not many cons I can actually bring up other than they aren’t for you if you don’t like grip. Definitely had a lot of fun with this set.


    You can pick up your set here!