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    Reviews — inexpensive longboard wheels

    Method Air Wheels Review

    Method Air Longboard Test Setup: 

    Madrid Nessie
    Aera K3 - 42o
    Zealous Bearings


    I've been riding these wheels for around a year and a half now.  The Method Air wheel is the primary slide wheel offered by Method Skateboards, and they are delicious indeed.  With a 71mm diameter, 32mm contact and a centerset core, these wheels bring a new definition to the term "slide wheel".





    Here are the wheels on my setup and fellow Method team rider Alex Adams' setup, along with the favorite local hill in the background:

    Riding Experience:

    The first thing you might notice when riding these wheels is the extremely quick break-in period.  With a stone-ground finish, these wheels start painting thane to their fullest ability within one to two slides. 

    The second thing you will notice is the extent to which these wheels thane.  These wheels don't require you to skate like Mike Fitter to be painting thick lines; even simple 180 slides will leave a mark.  This makes these wheels great for beginners and experts alike - beginners can experience the thrill of leaving thane, while the experts can still throw big, controlled standies and leave thane like it was sidewalk chalk. 

    A closeup of some of the thane these wheels can dump:

    The third thing you will find with these wheels is the smoothness of the slide.  These wheels are called the "Air" for a reason - you feel like you are sliding on air.  No chatter, no howling, just a smooth and buttery glide across the pavement.  If I had to describe the thane/slide, it would definitely not be entirely sugary, but I don't know if I could describe it as completely buttery either.   It has the buttery smooth slide of Abec 11 classic thane, but yet somehow a bit of the "sugary" slide of These 717 thane.   Team rider Alex Adams compares them to Venom Sidewinders or Volante thane.




    As with any wheel that dumps thane, it comes at a cost.  These wheels do wear as with any wheel, however, for the amount of thane Airs dump, they are quite durable.    Here is a size comparison of new to about 5-6 hours of hard riding:

    As you can see, although the wheel did wear, it is nothing "extreme", in fact, it is quite good for a wheel that covers your trucks in thane.


    Another great thing about the wear on these wheels is that because they are centerset, they can be flipped to minimize coning without changing the feel of the trucks.  This is important feature to have in a slick freeride wheels, as it also helps the wheel grip more to maximize your thane-dumping capabilities.

    Final Thoughts:

    These wheels are an amazing freeride wheel that will have you grinning from ear to ear with every slide.  I found these wheels shine most in a slightly more grippy topmount setup, however, they are definitely enjoyable in any setup you throw at them.  Get a set and mark your territory!  
    By Brett Leonardo.

    Buy your Method Airs at the limited time price of $35.95 here today!

    Thane Casso Wheels Review

    Test Setup:

    Loaded Cantellated
    Don't Trip Shrooms 45*
    Zealous bearings
    Thane Casso

    First Impressions:

    Thane Cassos look like a solid wheel for $25. They look like they will be fun for cruising and for sliding. They measure at 65mm, have a contact patch of 33mm, width of 38mm and have a durometer of 78a.

     Here are the Thane Cassos on my setup, looking a High School senior picture.


    Riding Experience:

    These wheels are very grippy until broken in. I even fell and had the deck hit my shins once. After nursing my wounds, I went back to it. After a few runs, the Thane Cassos became more smooth and reminded me of Sector 9's Biothanes. 

    More to come very soon!

    Buy your Thane Cassos here today!

    Thane Double Stuffed Wheels Review

    Longboard Test Setup:

    Maxxspeed Garuda V2
    REY Death Reys 45*
    Seismic Tekton bearings
    Thane Double Stuffed

    First Impressions:

    When I first received these wheels, I liked the fact that they were plain white - no annoying graphics (which wear out anyway). They also looked like any of the almost $20 more expensive wheels like Cloud Ride Ozones, Blood Orange Morgans, RAD Releases, Orangatangs Kilmers, etc. But did they perform like them too? Let's see.
    Thane Double Stuffed wheels are centerset, measure at 70mm with a contact patch of 42mm, width of 46mm and durometer of 80a.

     Personally, I love white wheels.


    Here are the Thane Double Stuffed wheels on my setup looking very snazzy.


    Riding Experience:

    As I started going down the hill and went into my first slide, I was surprised that the wheels felt already broken in. Yes they have a stone ground surface, but usually you still need to throw in a few slides before breaking them in. Not the case here. It was about 55 degrees out when I was riding so this may have had a bit of an impact in the way they left thane, but there were faint thane lines after the first few slides. Thane Double Stuffed have a durometer of 80a but they felt a bit harder than that. Maybe 81a or even 82a. I'll try them out as it starts getting warmer out and we'll see if that changes.

    As I was riding, I was thinking: "what wheels do these remind me of?". Maybe a mix between the new Blood Orange Morgans wheels (but not as chalky and as fast wearing) and Orangatang's Keanus 86a (yellow ones). For $38.95, Thane Double Stuffed sure are a steal. Finally some affordable yet excellent wheels out there.


    Final Thoughts:

    These wheels sure were fun! They were consistent while sliding, left some thane but not too much where you'd wear out the wheel in a day and for the price....awesome! I was very pleased with Thane Double Stuffed and you will be too.

    Thank you go Maxxspeed Garuda, REYs trucks, Seismic Tekton bearings and Ojoom pucks for making this riding experience fun and possible :)

    Buy your Thane Double Stuffed here today!

    Zaza Italian Lavas 80a Wheels Review

    ZaZa Wheel Company Italian Lavas come in at 70mm with a durometer of 80a and its contact patch is 40mm. After taking a few runs to break them in past their stone-ground surface, I found them to have a very smooth, consistent and buttery slide. Italian Lavas leave nice thick lines but I was suprised that they did not wear as much as i predicted them to. From a solid day of skating they wore about 7mm. The roll speed on these wheels is incredibly fast and would accelerate me as i initiated in and out of my slides, losing almost no speed. I highly recommend these, especially for the price. Make sure to pick up a set with some Zealous bearings at $46 with free shipping, they're a steal! You won't be disappointed. 

    - Johnathan Keller 

    Buy your set of Italian Lavas with Zealous bearings today!

    Thane Master Candy Cores Wheels Review

    Thane Masters truly earned their name with these wheels. Easy and predictable slides right out of the package. With the stone ground finish these wheels are easily broken in after one or two good runs. Want thaney wheels? You got it! Go big on Thane Master Candy Cores and dump thane. They also have a good wear pattern. Keep away from going 90 degrees and these wheels will last a good while. Definitely worth the purchase!

    - REY Trucks and DB Longboards Rider Ben Bos

    Buy your set of Thane Masters today!