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    Reviews — Metro Spyders

    Metro Spyders Wheel Review

    Metro Spyder Longboard Test Setup:

    Loaded Tesseract
    Aera K3 - 46*
    Zealous Bearings

    First Impressions:

    Let me start by saying this - these wheels are much bigger than I expected. Although they are only 72mm, they are quite wide, boasting a fat 47mm contact patch and a big, VERY supportive core (we'll get to that later). These wheels are 79a, centerset and stone ground. And...quite aesthetically pleasing.


    Here the Metro Spyders are shown with These 717, Blood Orange Morgans, Orangatang Kilmers, RADvantages, and on my setup. As you can see, the contact patch is FAT.


    Riding Experience:

    The first thing I noticed - even just pushing around at the top of the hill - is that the rollspeed on these wheels is insane for a 72mm slide wheel. Seriously, these are unforgivingly fast. The large core supports the wheel very effectively and this leads to a very high rollspeed.

    The second thing I noticed was that they are definitely on the grippy side of slide wheels - almost similar to an unbroken-in These 727. The thane itself is moderately chalky, however, the core stiffly supports the lips of the wheel, leading to a fight for slip. This fight for slip noticeably decreases with increased slide speed - you definitely should be taking advantage of their high roll speed and push these wheels to the limit. They leave distinctly thick, blue lines that paint the road.

    Next, I tried them on a steep hairpin turn to test out their drifting characteristics. I bombed into the 120 degree turn at around 30mph and went in for a drift...and was not disappointed. The grip/slip ratio of these wheels is perfect for technical downhill, and when they drift, they drift smooth and predictable with just enough grip to let you keep your line.


    Metro Spyders have a very strong resistance to coning and general wear; this set was taken to a 2 mile long freeride run and have approximately 3 hours of continuous ride time. As shown, very little wear is present - despite the large core, these Spyders will certainly last a long time.

    Final Thoughts:

    The Spyders can certainly do it all - downhill, freeride, and cruising. I would highly recommend these wheels to someone who wants to do some technical downhill, but still be able to ride them once "scrubbed". Metro Spyders offer a substantial amount of grip for such a small, chalky wheel, but drift smoothly and slide amazing once broken in. While they can certainly be used for pure freeride, some initial technical downhill is recommended to unlock the true, speedy characteristics of this wheel.

    For a set, go here.

    Written by Method and Thane Store Team Rider Brett Leonardo