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    Reviews — wheels

    Mudjimba Dusties Review

    Mudjimba Dusties Review

    Local homie Andrew Medeiros destroyed a set of these wheels from Down Under. While he wasn't in the brutal Austrailian heat, he still milked huge amounts of thane out of them. Here's his take:

    Setup: Rayne Savage, PNL Strummers, Riot bushings.

    The Mudjimba Dusties are a 70mm 78a wheel of clear blue thane goodness.

    I was expecting a grippier wheel out of the package, but they quickly proved me wrong by immediately started coating the road and my trucks with delicious sugary thane dust. An easy initiation into the slide with a buttery “on the pavement” feel and consistency through the whole wheel. The Mudjimba Dusties do have a quick wear on hot pavement but leave huge amounts of a white/light blue thane that will keep you wanting more and more.

    I am 140 pounds and hit the core after about 4 sessions of moderate to hard riding in 90° heat so they do wear quickly but are super smooth if you are looking for a thaney in the middle wheel between icy and grippy. From me riding this wheel the last couple days i've learned to really love the slide they provide. Having full control of my board was a very big plus to these wheels and at 78a provide a buttery non chatter slide that can't be compared.

    I will personally be picking up another set for events coming up, and just to have a blast on! The Mudjimba Dusties are a scrumptious wheel that will leave you with a blood thirst for thane!