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    Remember Pee Wees Wheel Review

    Remember Pee Wee Longboard Test Setup:

    Rayne Renegade
    Independent 215 trucks
    Remember Pee Wee
    Zealous bearings

    First Impressions:

    Remember Pee Wees look magnificent. My sister called them: "The wheel for the confident rider, very secure in their sexuality". Jokes aside, they come in pink and powder blue. Pee Wees are 62mm with a durometer of 82a, so slightly harder than their bigger counterpart the Remember Hoots (80a). The core placement is centerset and have a contact patch of 23mm. The stone ground surface is so smooth I just want to hold them and touch them....but that's not what wheels are for, so let's try them out!


    Riding Experience:

    Remember Pee Wees have a normal roll speed for a 62mm wheel. I put them on my Rayne Renegade double kick for this ride. Next time I'll try them out on a bigger deck and see how they are.

    In to my first few slides, I'm thinking: "WOW! These wheels are slidey! Seriously, these are the slidiest soft wheels I've ever tried. They're like Slide A's except that they are soft and not so icy. Weird but interesting." They reminded me a bit of Street Hawgs (since those are 62mm and quite slidey wheels) but with a different feel to them. They felt like their bigger brother, Remember Hoots, though harder, but obviously if you're reading this review, you probably haven't tried the Hoots either ;)
    The feel of the Pee Wees almost reminded me of shredding mounds of fine powder. They had a very distinguished feel to them. 

    Let's be honest here, I'm not a great rider or anything, but with the Pee Wees I really felt more confident. Why? Because their release was so easy, I didn't have to kick out the board too much to slide. It made me try out different tricks that I hadn't before. The Pee Wees are definitely going to be my go-to wheel this summer. Pee Wees have a contact patch of 23mm versus Remember's 70mm Hoot, which has a contact patch of 38mm. However, once you wear these wheels more, the contact patch increases to around 29mm - still small.


    Speaking of, how is the wear, you say? As you can see from the pictures below, the thane is there, but it's not as apparent as the thane lines of a Cadillac Swinger, Method Air or Vault Fibreflex wheel. This means that the Pee Wee wears slower than any of the other thane dumpers. Wheel wear is consistent and with the centerset core, you can flip them to increase life and prevent ovaling.

    When a new wheel comes out, I hear people say: "Oh, that wheel is just over hyped, etc.etc." Well, Remember Collective has produced something no other wheel manufacturers have before. So if that's "hype" then okay, but really what I'm super excited about is the fact that these wheels are like nothing I've ever ridden before. With a price tag for the Pee Wees at Thane Store of $29.95, they are a steal. So get a set and find out what the "hype" is all about! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


    Final Thoughts:

    Any cons? I had to think about this one for a while. And then it hit me when I changed my Pee Wees and put some different wheels on.....they all feel soooo grippy and shitty after riding these! Seriously, it was quite an adjustment but after a bit of riding, I got used to it. That's all :)
    Thanks for reading!


    Buy your Remember Pee Wees here today.

    Remember Hoots Wheels Review

    Remember Hoots Longboard Test Setup:

    Maxxspeed Garuda V2
    Death REYs
    Zealous bearings
    Remember Hoots

    First Impressions:

    Remember Hoots come in 3 colors: Avocado (green), Lemon (yellow) and Bubblegum (pink). They are 70mm and centerset meaning you can flip them when they start coning for longer wear, always a bonus. Hoots have durometer of 80a (if you are interested in a slightly softer version of these wheels, Epic Distributions sells blank 78a wheels with a slightly different lip shape, you can find them here). They have a very pretty picture of an owl on them and they are soooo smooth. So far, they look pretty damn good and for $ almost sounds too good to be true.  Let's see how they ride.


    Riding Experience:

    Every time I put new wheels on my deck, I'm like a kid on Christmas day. It's always a very exciting time. There's the sensation of the new wheels, that soft stone ground surface, the smell of polyurethane chemicals...definitely some sort of high. Remember Collective had told me their Hoots were a great freeriding wheel, but I'm always skeptical. I like to try wheels on my own before stocking them at Thane Store, which is why we don't carry 300 + wheels. Pushing on the Hoots was normal, nothing jumped out at me. As I was walking up the hill, I always think; "this is a pain, but it'll be worth it". As I started going down, I wasn't sure what to expect of the Hoots. Would they be slidey? Grippy? 80a is a pretty standard durometer and it's amazing how wheels with a supposed 80a durometer all feel different. Into my first coleman's slide I realized the Hoots were definitely a slidey wheel. I looked behind me to see what the thane situation was and the result was this:



    Not bad for a first slide. As I continued riding, the wheels maintained their slipperiness. My friend knows that I like to ride wheels with a smaller contact patch, so he was surprised to see these on my deck. I'm a shorty at 5'3" so a contact patch over 40mm is too much for me. Hoots have a contact patch of around 38mm but have little resistance when initiating slides. Like I said with the Remember Pee Wees, they remind me of shredding mounds of fine fine powder - just such a unique feel to them. I'd almost describe it as icy - but a good icy. Hard to put into words but I'm convinced that most who try these wheels will absolutely love them. Remember Collective could have certainly sold Hoots for $49.95 like other companies and they would still be a competitively priced wheel.


    Another very interesting aspect of the Hoots. They leave some thane (and I am 120 pounds) but not so much where the wheel will die in a few hours session. For me, Hoots will last all month. For maybe heavier riders, they will still last a decent amount of time. No criticisms on wear.


    Same criticism as on the Remember Pee Wees. Once you ride Hoots, you won't want to go back to your other wheels!
    Some may say "your wheel reviews don't have a lot of negatives". To that I'd like to say that I don't stock just any wheels at Thane Store - only ones I thoroughly enjoy riding.

    Thanks for reading, and if you'd like to buy a set, go here :)

    Downhill Design Spuds Wheels Review

    Test Longboard Setup:

    Airflow Bracket
    Ronin Cast Trucks
    Zealous Bearings
    DHD Spuds

    First Impressions:

    I bought these wheels over the winter and haven't had a chance to try them yet (long Michigan winter). I'm super excited to see how they perform since they are clear and it seems that clear wheels usually thane the most, think Vault Fibreflex and Kryptonics Route. They measure at 64mm, have a 78a durometer with a contact patch of 36mm and centerset core placement. Let's see how they perform!



    More coming soon.

    Thane Casso Wheels Review

    Test Setup:

    Loaded Cantellated
    Don't Trip Shrooms 45*
    Zealous bearings
    Thane Casso

    First Impressions:

    Thane Cassos look like a solid wheel for $25. They look like they will be fun for cruising and for sliding. They measure at 65mm, have a contact patch of 33mm, width of 38mm and have a durometer of 78a.

     Here are the Thane Cassos on my setup, looking a High School senior picture.


    Riding Experience:

    These wheels are very grippy until broken in. I even fell and had the deck hit my shins once. After nursing my wounds, I went back to it. After a few runs, the Thane Cassos became more smooth and reminded me of Sector 9's Biothanes. 

    More to come very soon!

    Buy your Thane Cassos here today!

    Thane Double Stuffed Wheels Review

    Longboard Test Setup:

    Maxxspeed Garuda V2
    REY Death Reys 45*
    Seismic Tekton bearings
    Thane Double Stuffed

    First Impressions:

    When I first received these wheels, I liked the fact that they were plain white - no annoying graphics (which wear out anyway). They also looked like any of the almost $20 more expensive wheels like Cloud Ride Ozones, Blood Orange Morgans, RAD Releases, Orangatangs Kilmers, etc. But did they perform like them too? Let's see.
    Thane Double Stuffed wheels are centerset, measure at 70mm with a contact patch of 42mm, width of 46mm and durometer of 80a.

     Personally, I love white wheels.


    Here are the Thane Double Stuffed wheels on my setup looking very snazzy.


    Riding Experience:

    As I started going down the hill and went into my first slide, I was surprised that the wheels felt already broken in. Yes they have a stone ground surface, but usually you still need to throw in a few slides before breaking them in. Not the case here. It was about 55 degrees out when I was riding so this may have had a bit of an impact in the way they left thane, but there were faint thane lines after the first few slides. Thane Double Stuffed have a durometer of 80a but they felt a bit harder than that. Maybe 81a or even 82a. I'll try them out as it starts getting warmer out and we'll see if that changes.

    As I was riding, I was thinking: "what wheels do these remind me of?". Maybe a mix between the new Blood Orange Morgans wheels (but not as chalky and as fast wearing) and Orangatang's Keanus 86a (yellow ones). For $38.95, Thane Double Stuffed sure are a steal. Finally some affordable yet excellent wheels out there.


    Final Thoughts:

    These wheels sure were fun! They were consistent while sliding, left some thane but not too much where you'd wear out the wheel in a day and for the price....awesome! I was very pleased with Thane Double Stuffed and you will be too.

    Thank you go Maxxspeed Garuda, REYs trucks, Seismic Tekton bearings and Ojoom pucks for making this riding experience fun and possible :)

    Buy your Thane Double Stuffed here today!