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    Zaza Italian Lavas 80a Wheels Review

    ZaZa Wheel Company Italian Lavas come in at 70mm with a durometer of 80a and its contact patch is 40mm. After taking a few runs to break them in past their stone-ground surface, I found them to have a very smooth, consistent and buttery slide. Italian Lavas leave nice thick lines but I was suprised that they did not wear as much as i predicted them to. From a solid day of skating they wore about 7mm. The roll speed on these wheels is incredibly fast and would accelerate me as i initiated in and out of my slides, losing almost no speed. I highly recommend these, especially for the price. Make sure to pick up a set with some Zealous bearings at $46 with free shipping, they're a steal! You won't be disappointed. 

    - Johnathan Keller 

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    Thane Master Candy Cores Wheels Review

    Thane Masters truly earned their name with these wheels. Easy and predictable slides right out of the package. With the stone ground finish these wheels are easily broken in after one or two good runs. Want thaney wheels? You got it! Go big on Thane Master Candy Cores and dump thane. They also have a good wear pattern. Keep away from going 90 degrees and these wheels will last a good while. Definitely worth the purchase!

    - REY Trucks and DB Longboards Rider Ben Bos

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