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    It's Lit!

    Hey Ladies and Gents,

    It's Sam here, feeling quite humbled by this re-launch. Thane Store meant a lot to me when Bruna ran it, and I'm sure all of you can relate. To be able to carry on her tradition, to raise up her baby, is an absolute honor. We only hope we can keep the stoke levels Bruna had set going. She raised the bar high- but with time and hard work we think we can push it even higher. I know I'm dedicated to this scene, and in it for the love(we all know there's not a ton of money in it anyways). 

    These past couple of weeks have been hectic, constant crunch time to hit the date that we set. We're doing things pretty legit, with a real, organized inventory room with bar codes and all that jazz. But all that extra effort makes sense now that we're launching... it feels good, man. We're organized and set to grow, which we plan to. I'm writing descriptions from the heart. I'm working on my photography game too, to make everything super pretty. Getting to talk to and work with all of the reps (shout-out to those homies!) is educational and I'm making new friends around the world all the time. 

    So, obviously things can't be exactly the same as they were. We're not Bruna but we share her vision. We're keeping free shipping, and free swag. I'm working on getting a fat bag of axle nuts for all of you. We're making up new, sensible kinds of mystery boxes because everyone loves a good mystery. T-shirts and more are coming. We're keeping the layout the same for now because it works well and I know I missed it. But in time, we'll spice it up because it's fun to customize. All the hard work- it's still very fun. My work days fly by now because I'm doing something I'm passionate about- and still finding time to shred the gnar.

    Some changes up ahead though. We're stoked that the Team Bruna assembled is down to stay on board, but of course we have some ideas for expanding it. We want to produce some really banger media and keep product reviews going. We'll be representing at new sorts of events- races and jams on the East coast and beyond, and maybe even throwing a few of our own. We just want to have fun with it and dream big.

    And as we grow we'll be searching the globe for new and interesting skate companies(hit us up!!!). Products that push the boundaries further. We're always looking for the next best thing and trying to lift up those who deserve it. That may or may not include decks... a great debate with us right now. We're with Bruna- it's hard to know if a board is for you without stepping on it. And we definitely care about and wish to support brick-and-mortar stores. But in my eyes, those tiny, artisinal brands are the ones you may never come across IRL or in a shop, and they're the ones that need support just to not tank. So it's a possibility and I have my eye on a couple serious awesome skateboard makers. For now, wheels are what's up. 

    As things roll out I'll keep you homies updates, have no fear. If you have any questions, comments, or just want a new skate buddy to talk with and potentially shred with, by all means- hit me up. 
    My email is I'm on Facebook here and my Instagram is slamwolff. Hope y'all dig it. 
    Peace for now, 
    Slammin' Sammy